Each Kimpton Hotel has a distinct personality and a soul of its own a story. The stories are varied and colorful; wine, art, literature, well-being, food, and architecture to name a few. Each unique story promises you adventure, inspiration, and delightful surprises while offering the familiarity and style of the Kimpton Hotels brand.

The story of FireSky Hotel & Spa is The Elements.

Philosophers have long tried to explain the essential composition of nature. The clearest and simplest explanation is the classical Greek notion of four elements consisting of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. They represent science, medicine, and the realms of the cosmos wherein all things exist. Many, including Aristotle, argued the presence of a fifth element often called the quintessence. While the four traditional elements can be seen or felt, the Fifth Element is suggested to be the only element found in all four elements and essentially is thought to be the unifying spirit, soul, and all-encompassing energy of the world.

In a brilliant fusion of fire, air, water & earth, FireSky Hotel & Spa offers you the opportunity to experience a magical and dynamic play between the classical elements. From majestic fire columns, transparent curtains flowing in the breeze, inviting pools and waterfalls, and verdant landscaped grounds, your stay with us will be one of 'elemental elegance.'
FIRESKY RESORT & SPA 4925 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ  85251
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