Signature Meetings at FireSky Resort and Spa

Creative amenities are a cornerstone of Kimpton Hotels, and meetings here are anything but ordinary. With both precision and originality, we make your meetings important, enjoyable, and maybe even unforgettable. We designed four Signature Meetings to stir your imagination, challenge your expectations, and raise the return on your meeting investment. Select from the following examples, or contact us to customize a meeting package that is perfect for you.
Elements of Wellness:
If fitness fits with your philosophy, then get ready to feel good all over with aromatherapy, massage breaks and healthy fare.
  • Enjoy a room filled with aromatherapy scents and the introspective sounds of mood music
  • Table settings may include natural wood massagers and squeezable stress balls
  • Breakfast can feature fruit smoothies, organic coffee and tea and whole-grain cereals
  • Morning Yoga, meditation or desk aerobics will stretch your mind and body
  • A hearty lunch of heart-healthy selections can also include energizing brain food
  • Pick up the pace with a dance session or a 15-minute power walk
Fun Worship:
Kimpton Hotels offer a clever collection of playful distractions to add unexpected fun to your meetings. From hula hoops to ice cream scoops, let the good times roll.
  • Play your favorites: Surf Music, Reggae, good old Rock and Roll, and everything in between
  • Get nostalgic with Nerf balls, Magic 8 Balls, wax lips and Groucho glasses
  • A breakfast of champions includes Pop-Tarts, Lucky Charms, and all your favorite morning classics
  • Morning Break - Twister and shout!
  • Enjoy macaroni & cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs or pizzas
  • Afternoon recess can feature short versions of board games like Yahtzee, Checkers or Pictionary
Invite one extra guest to your meetings - the Earth. Kimpton's EarthCare package adds a new meaning to "good business," by infusing meetings with recycled paper products, delicious natural food and conservation tips. A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Trust for Public Land.
  • Guests are greeted by the enchanting sounds of nature and verdant displays of plants or flowers
  • The smell of fresh, organic, fair-trade coffee wakes up the room
  • Agendas are printed on paper that, once used, can be planted to produce wildflowers
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are a medley of fresh, organic and locally grown ingredients such as artisan cheese, free-range meats and garden fresh fruits and vegetables
  • On breaks, choose to enlighten with an eco-quiz, "Zen-out" with a rock garden, or revive by tossing the Earth beach ball
  • Wind down the meeting with an appealing selection of organic wines and beers
Degrees of Discovery:
Enjoy ten-minute tutorials on everything from how to place a putt to how to sip a Syrah. Take home more than your meeting notes - leave with a bite-sized discovery about yourself.
  • Groove to the beat of far away lands
  • The builders in your group will delight in Legos, modeling clay or painters' palettes on the tables
  • Exotic fruits, world coffee and international foods will start your day of discovery
  • Morning break consists of painting-by-numbers or polishing your putting
  • Lunch is an extraordinary and out-of-the-ordinary fusion of global cuisines to suit your taste, from Italian to Middle Eastern
  • In the afternoon, enjoy a cooking demonstrations or other educational seminars
Imagine the Possibilities. Be inspired, laugh and feel good.
Host your next meeting at FireSky Resort and Spa.