FireSky Resort and Spa

Pools and Gardens at FireSky Resort & Spa

Nature’s fundamental elements are elegantly evoked at FireSky Resort & Spa. Yet the pools and gardens of our Old Town Scottsdale resort may represent our story best of all.

Earth, air, fire and water play together in a uniquely beautiful way at our boutique hotel. Mediterranean-inspired gardens and pools express each element, reflecting the dynamic and relaxing atmosphere of our Kimpton Hotel. Enter FireSky Resort & Spa's gardens and you step into an oasis where every care can melt away.

Under the canopy of the blue Arizona sky, the element of air lends FireSky’s gardens an expansive feeling. Generous open areas complement the lush, inviting gardens that provide sun-kissed or starlit privacy.

Earth lends its supportive, foundational role in multiple ways. From the poolside patio with dining tables, cabanas and fire pits to the intimate seating areas sprinkled throughout the grounds, the solidity of earth balances FireSky Resort & Spa’s extensive gardens and open sky. Expressing this element in even more diverse ways, the rich earth of the gardens gives way to a sandy beach surrounding our swimming lagoon.

Which brings us to water. The gardens themselves evoke a sense of water. Two large heated swimming pools offer year-round lounging, exercise and refreshment. A hot tub shimmers off to the side and the lagoon graces our courtyard. The poolside Aqua Bar liquefies you with cool cocktails and other beverages in addition to offering a casual, flavorful menu created by our acclaimed Taggia restaurant team.

Prominently a part of our name, the fire at FireSky Resort and Spa is also inherent in our Sonoran desert location. It is further represented in shimmering candles on tables and ledges, in flickering fire pits and in torches that illuminate the cabanas, dining and lounge seating surrounding the pools. The result is a mesmerizing glow that enlivens each of the other elements.

Harmoniously combining elemental forces, FireSky Resort & Spa presents an unforgettably luxurious Scottsdale experience. The climate embraces you, while our atmosphere, service and spectacular grounds transport you at our stunning Scottsdale resort.
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