Vacationers Beware. Online Gambling Is Probably Illegal in Arizona

Vacation is a time to wind down, relax and forget about the normal stressors of everyday life. After all, the whole point of taking a holiday is to find an escape from the stress of the regular week. Positioned in the southwestern portion of the United States, Arizona sees excellent weather throughout the entire year. This makes the Grand Canyon State a favorite amongst tourists. In addition to a warm walk and a nice drink, many visitors enjoy gambling while in Arizona. A complicated history has made this state one of the most prolific providers of this past time.

Gambling is heavily restricted within the United States. In fact, Las Vegas is the only city where the activity is legal. Despite Arizona’s reputation with gambling, it is actually one of the country’s most prohibitive states. Gambling lovers found a tricky way around these laws by looking to Native American reservations. Because these lands weren’t subject to the same laws as other regions in the country, people began building casinos in the reservations. As Arizona was home to a large number of these reservations, the number of casinos in the area has skyrocketed since the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in 1988. In fact, the state currently has 23 operating casinos.

Horse and dog racing also became popular sites for gambling in Arizona. As one of the only states to hold these forms of gambling, many visitors would love to visit the race tracks for the unique experience. Since being voted into legal activity by citizens in 1980, dog and horse racing has increased in popularity. However, Arizona held their final dog race in June as governor Doug Ducey passed legislation to ban the activity. Horse racing has seen a relatively steady wave of popularity, but many are wondering if this form of gambling is next on the list to become illegal.

With the advancement of technology and the tumultuous situation surrounding older forms of gambling, all attention is being turned to the online stage. Online gambling in several forms has become popular in Arizona. Online slots such as Fluffy Favourites and Food Fight are gaining more attention from visitors and residents alike. Sports-based gambling is also gaining a lot of popularity within the state. Platforms such as DraftKings and Fan Duel give sports fans an opportunity to win money by betting based on the performance of certain players and games.

Despite being an increasingly popular way to gamble in Arizona, these sports-based gambling sites are causing a legal issue. As one of the most restrictive states in the country, Arizona’s gambling laws are strict and sometimes unclear. Since online gambling is such a new field, the legislation that has been passed is not easy to interpret. In fact, every attorney in the state may have a different opinion when it comes to the legality of online gambling. Some say the entire activity is illegal while others may say there is no issue at all. Others take a moderate stance by saying that the legality depends on a multitude of things.

It seems that laws in Arizona are too complex to understand. If legal attorneys cannot find a consensus on the issue, visitors to the state of Arizona certainly won’t be able to interpret the laws correctly. It is advisable for all visitors to avoid online slots such as Fluffy Favourites and sports-based gambling sites like DraftKings. These types of online gambling may be illegal in the state. Until clearer legislation is passed, it is better to stick to the well-established forms of gambling. Reservation-based casinos and horse racing are still great options for visitors to the state.

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