Spa Services


Reduce tension and relieve the negative effects of everyday stress. Restore your overall sense of well-being by enjoying our professional scent-sational aromatherapy body massages.

Nirvana    60 minutes - $140

Our signature treatment features a light to medium pressure full body massage while immersed under the soothing rain fall of our Vichy shower. The warm water jets act as part of the massage along with healing hands alleviating stress and tension.

Medley    60 minutes - $130, 90 minutes - $180

A customized massage tailored to the needs of your body combining Swedish and therapeutic techniques. This massage offers a range of pressure from light to deep and can be modified to be a Maternity Massage.

Firesky Stone    90 minutes - $180

Chakra stones are placed along points to bring balance to energy pathways, while warm basalt stones become extensions of healing hands. Your body will absorb the heat alleviating stress and tension.

Aroma Journey    60 minutes - $140, 90 minutes - $180

Awaken your sense on a customized aroma journey. Using the Aroma Touch Technique this treatment will restore the natural balance of body systems, health and wellness.

Footprint    30 minutes - $90, 60 minutes - $130

This massage focuses on the feet and lower legs, leaving you feeling a sense of balance and relief throughout your entire body

Add-on Hand or Foot Treatment    $15 each

An exfoliating and refining treatment using wild-crafted Indonesian ginger, this mask energizes while smoothing rough areas.

All Body Bliss Massages are available as couple's massages except for the Vichy Nirvana